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Tate by Barbara S. Stewart

Tate by Barbara S. Stewart 
Released April 2, 2015
Spoiler Free Review


** This love story is a suggestive romance. The love scenes will not be graphic. 

A tease from page 256 - because that's what page number Gene called out! :)

“Maisie,” she said in a voice filled with delight, “it’s beautiful!” 
“I see more detail, but I need time to sketch it out.” 
“So, does this mean you forgive me?” she asked, guardedly.
“I can forgive,” I said, and hesitated. “I need more time to forget. Honestly, there’s been so much hurt through all of this that forgetting isn’t as easy. I’ll work with you.”
“Maisie, I’m sorry,” she said again.
“Let it go. Please. Let’s move on.” She’d been there over an hour and honestly; I was ready for her to leave. My mind was so full of everything that she shared – I needed her to go. 
“I need you to know that Tate is a good man, Ami. I’m blessed. I didn’t know if I could ever move past Blake, but Tate pulled me out of my self-imposed asylum. He’s showed me a life I never knew possible. I never knew that I could feel like he makes me feel. I was ready to feel again. Tate made me feel again. I hope you find your own Prince Charming.” 
“I’m not looking. I need to think about some things. I need to regroup and think about how a woman waits for love to find her.”
“You will, Ami.” Quiet a moment, I added, “Can we keep this conversation between us for now?"

Tate Morrow. Oklahoma native. Thirty, single, and genuinely humble & nice, Tate is a UPS driver by day and a performer on the weekend, and let me tell you, he works the stage like a pro. Tate is not looking for anything - fame, money, none of that, he just wants to sing. After signing at Wet Willies for ten years, Tate is picked up by Nigel Rose & Andy Stevens and he heads to Florida to record his first album. He wasn't expecting fame, nor was he expecting a very intriguing seamstress by the name of Maisie.

"Hes not a seeker.  He's a humble guy."
Maisie Bolden. Introverted and trapped in the past & grief from her late husbands death, Maisie has hidden behind her sewing machine for the past 4 years. Seamstress to the stars, everyone wants a "Maisie Bolden Original", and when Tate steps into her shop for the first time, all he wants is to get to know about this beautiful, broken woman. Tate makes it a habit to stop by the shop, and he is very persistent about a date. Reluctantly,  Maisie finally agrees. Tate has the need to protect Maisie, and after she invites him in one evening, she spills her heart out to him. In this moment, Tate knows hes not letting go of her.

"It seems that good in my life comes in spurts.  When it happens - when something good comes along - it's short lived.  I fear letting go and giving in, because I'm afraid if I open my heart, it will go away too soon.   But when I do, I can feel everything change, and it makes me happy."
Tate is such a gentleman, and so mindful of her feelings and willing to take things slow. I loved the gradual build of this book. We get all the feels of that initial attraction, the friendship stage, the trust stage and the head over heels in love stage. After enough time spent together, Maisie begins to realize that she is happy, and actually has never been this happy before in her life, she slowly let Tate in and ends up falling in love with him

I have I said how much I love Tate Morrow? I think he has become one of my favorite book boyfriends. How could he not? When you got a hot country star trying to sweep you off your feet by dedicating the first song of every concert to you. The way a man talks about his mama says many things about a man...and oh is this true. Tate Morrow is a mamas boy and there ain't nothing wrong with that, because that woman raised him right.
"One journey ends, a new one begins."
Maisie is a strong heroine with a rough upbringing, and a southern gentlemen was just what she needed to bring her out of her turtle shell and learn to love again. Normally, when I read a book about a woman dating a famous character, the woman is very jealous. But I was relieved that Maisie was far from it. Shes independent and supportive.

The secondary characters are great!! I haven't read any of Barbara's other books, but from the reviews I have read, we are meeting Andy once I am definitely going to have to devour those as soon as possible, because I adored this character. Not only Andy, but Dion and "Queen" Carlene. They were all such a strong support system for both Maisie and Tate and they truly added some great humor to the story.

When Tate goes on tour Maisie's rough upbringing seems to find itself in the headlines. With all the publicity, and a famous boyfriend, will Maisie run into hiding? 

OMG. How I loved Tate. Sometimes its good to step away form the smut and pick up a good romance. Chivalry is truly dead and I was relieved to find it in the heart of a good book that is called Tate.  I do have to admit, every song Tate sang for Maisie, I stopped reading and I had to listen to it. Hahaha. I grew up listening to country, so this book was perfect.  I had a chance to meet Ms Barbara Stewart at the Book Obsessed Babes Author Signing Event in Jacksonville, FL April 25, 2015. And when she was telling me about her books, I just knew I had to meet Tate. This is the first book I read by Barbara. I can not wait to read another! I could sit here all day and quote the beautiful words flowing off the pages, but why do that when I can strongly recommend that you grab a copy for yourself, and prepare to fall in love.

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